When we receive a gift, we breathe in the new belonging four times. This act is loosely translated from Dine' bizaad (Navajo language) as "you bring in the spirit of the item you are receiving" so that it will become a part of you.  These are not just adornments but future belongings of generations of people. Creating new traditions in a jewelry format is my offering.

I believe that by way of my hands I instill cultural knowledge of being Dine' (Navajo). My style is personal and characteristic of my culture, but also very indicative of me, as an individual, of my culture. I give nods to classic shapes and forms learned from my father, Victor Paul Beck, Sr. From sharing our language to fabricating each piece by hand, these creations are traditional as it comes from a traditional knowledge base. They are about uniqueness, continuity, and quality materials. These are Dine'-made belongings for all people.