nanibaa Beck is a 2nd generation dine' (navajo) jeweler and a co-founder of native style blog, presence 4.0.

at 13, she was became an assistant to her father, victor beck, sr., and learned fundamental skills, like how to fabricate metals and to inlay stones. During her academic years, she studied anthropology and museum studies. her background includes work and fellowships with renown museums and organizations, like the heard museum, the national museum of the american indian, the peabody essex museum, and the arizona humanities council. through it all, sHE KEPT HER connectION to the vibrant NATIVE creative community. 

in november 2013, nanibaa founded notabove jewelry. Her a-ha moment to pursue jewelry occurred after a small thank you card project sparked the idea for the original language necklaces. The hand-sawn minimal jewelry collection's focus on Native indigenous languages fulfilled a unique niche in the native art market. And, today, notabove/ nanibaa beck jewelry is a reflection of native creative expressions and the growth of an dine' 'asdzaa (navajo woman) as a designer. 

ABOUT THE NAME: NOTABOVE (pronounced “Not Above”)

"It is my favorite mispronunciation of my name from 2007. It is also a beautiful way of working and collaborating with others- not above but beside you.” - nanibaa